Lenovo ThinkSystem HA Proxmox [P/N 2BEHAP2]

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Lenovo ThinkSystem HA Proxmox [P/N 2BEHAP2]

Lenovo ThinkSystem HA Proxmox
16 Cores (2 x 8 Core 2.1Ghz per Node)
192 GB (2 x 96GB per Node)
4 TB Usable Disk (ThinkSystem DS2200 1.2TB x 5)

2 x 10 Gbps SFP+ Network Connection

Proxmox Software Bundling
– Proxmox VE High Availability Cluster
– Proxmox VE HA Manager (Web Management)
– Live Migration (No Downtime)
– No single point of failure (no SPOF)
– Mulit-master cluster (no single master)
– Proxmox Cluster File System (pmxcfs)
– Resource agents for KVM and Linux Containers (LXC)
– Web-based Management Interface
– Role-based Administration
– Multiple schedules and backup storages
– Live Snapshot Backups
– Full backups of containers and VMs
– Distributed Firewall
– Bridged Networking

– Support Linux and Windows Servers, 32 and 64 bit
– ไม่มีค่าลิขสิทธิเป็น Open Source ทดแทน VMware , Hyper-V



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